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Instead of anticipating the goal, learn to enjoy the Journey for this is where we spend 99.9% of our time.

“If” by Bread – Ukulele Open Mic Duet…

Posted by Ivan Olarte on December 15, 2013

“If” by Bread – Ukulele Open Mic.

This is my first open mic. Lot of firsts,
first time singing in public,
first duet,
first Uke festival,
first arrangement I wrote,
first amplified performance…

This was not planned at all, in fact, I only met Melinda as I was rehearsing before. I heard her harmonizing and asked her to sing with me… She was awesome!

Played on a Koa Tenor Ukulele (#551) made by Mya-Moe. It is tuned with a low G string. Recorded on Saturday 11/2/2013 at the California Ukulele Academy Mountain Retreat.

Had a great time, can’t wait to do it again…

Hope you like it…

Open mic cover of Bread’s If on ukulele…


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