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Want to know more about yourself… check out Lynn Zavaro’s “The Game Of You”

Posted by Ivan Olarte on June 29, 2011

I have not posted much recently, but I wanted to take a moment and post a review of a wonderful tool that was developed by Lynn Zavaro.

The Game of You!

A great tool for getting to know who you really are!

The Game of You is a wonderful tool that I found along my journey and it has proven to be so useful that I wanted to share my experience with others

And so I wrote my first review over at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and thought it would be useful to repost it here for your benefit.

If you are interested in finding out more, or trying it for yourself, please visit Lynn Zavaro’s website.


The Game Of You Review (as posted at

I believe this is my first review here, and there is a good reason why… please read on.

I’m completely baffled that an incredible deck\tool called “The Game of You” has not been discussed or reviewed more at length either in the Tarot or Buddhist communities that I belong to. And so short of writing a formal review I would love to share my experience with you.

My interest in tarot started out of my own practice in engaged Buddhism, and mindful living, and in looking for Mediation type cards I found Tarot…. well many decks later, and having walked through the wonderful door into the world that Tarot is, I found a couple of very special decks. One of them is The Game of You by Lynn Zavaro

While Lynn uses the structure of Tarot, and many wonderful Buddhist teachings, she never mentions either and so because of this it is an incredible powerful tool and open to those who are unfamiliar with either discipline.

Aside from being so approachable Lynn is a highly trained and qualified individual. She has a Masters degree in counseling, and very knowledgeable about Buddhist teachings, (And from my experience with The Game of You) and very solid in the structure and use of the Tarot.

This deck is so special to me that I ordered about 1/2 dozen copies to give to some very close friends and family. I gifted one of these to a dear couple at my Sangha (Buddhist community) as a going away present because they are relocating to California, and passed around some literature cards provided by Lynn to other members so they can find out more about it.

Aside from the great content and practical applications that Lynn provides, by not labeling her deck Tarot, Buddhist, etc… I for one have been able to open the door (for some people that are close to me) to these two wonderful worlds without the stigma, or stereotypes that the labels “Tarot” or “Buddhism” carry. We even have an extra deck on our coffee table for anyone to pickup and use.

Lynn has been a pleasure to deal with. After getting my first deck, because I wanted to buy a few, and they are so special, I purchased directly from her and she wrote some beautiful and meaningful dedications on the decks that I purchased. I simply cannot thank her enough, and also feel it is my responsibility to share her work with others.

So I highly recommend that you check out her site, and find out more about it.

You can purchase the deck at (Amazon or at Barnes & Noble). Not only is it very reasonably priced, but is also published by Schiffer which as you may be aware, is becoming one of the best publishers of quality products in tarot.

And so if you are interested in learning more about who you are, and to learn about very meaningful and practical practices that can help you with this effort, I hope you give Lynn Zavaro a chance to help you along with The Game Of You.


One Response to “Want to know more about yourself… check out Lynn Zavaro’s “The Game Of You””

  1. Dan Starr said

    Ivan, mi amigo…

    This is an excellent post. I wish more people wondered more about who they really are. I mean spiritually. We’d have a much better world.

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